Life is too short. Make good use of every opportunity that you encounter in your life. I'm not talking about having sex and doing drugs when you were given the chance to but to actually do something meaningful that you can look back on when you're older. You only have one life, why live a boring one?


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I really need a new phone that can let me set my alarm clock, be able to hear ringtones when people call, a loudspeaker that works, and at least it vibrates when someone is calling. BUT. My parents said that I cannot buy a phone that exceeds 200 bucks. WTF. I am NOT using a phone that only has two function, PICK UP and HANG UP. I have been using that type of phone for the past 2 years, I think I had enough of that. Hopefully this time when I get the phone, I don’t lose it or get it stolen. Like the ones in the past… sigh. Gotta take GOOD care of my things from now on… or I’ll just end up with a phone that’s from 2001.

Sep 28th 2011 · 8 notes · Tags: #phone #i need a new phone
  1. elsaawongg said: yea…i called you back bitch and you didn’t pick up..
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