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I really need a new phone that can let me set my alarm clock, be able to hear ringtones when people call, a loudspeaker that works, and at least it vibrates when someone is calling. BUT. My parents said that I cannot buy a phone that exceeds 200 bucks. WTF. I am NOT using a phone that only has two function, PICK UP and HANG UP. I have been using that type of phone for the past 2 years, I think I had enough of that. Hopefully this time when I get the phone, I don’t lose it or get it stolen. Like the ones in the past… sigh. Gotta take GOOD care of my things from now on… or I’ll just end up with a phone that’s from 2001.

Sep 28th 2011 · 8 notes · Tags: #phone #i need a new phone
  1. elsaawongg said: yea…i called you back bitch and you didn’t pick up..
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